Nail Polish at Along with switching from sundresses to sweaters, the fall also requires a makeup change. My general rule is in the fall I bring out the dark colors and shimmers. For my nails I go from the summer pinks to dark purples or a gold/silver glitter. OPI […]

Fall Beauty

Nail Polish by EssieLipstick at Barneys New York I think the Summer is time to keep your beauty routine simple. Save all that makeup for the fall. But I do have a few beauty items that I like for the summer. Nail polish thats bright is essential, mani pedis are […]

Summer Beauty

Now there are some things I approve of being fake, and some that I do not. Fake Louis Vuitton? Absolutely not! I have the real deal. Fake lashes? Yes- that I approve of. Mascara will only take you so far. And believe me, if there is anyone who could naturally […]

Fake and Fabulous

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I love these Incoco manicures. Its dry nail polish that you just peel off and put on your nails basically.  Now they have more designs available which is a plus, I don’t like having just one plain color.  I tried out “dream […]

Beauty Find

I’ll be honest, I really don’t have a lot of patience.  Anything that is going to take up more time than an episode of The Hills is really beyond me, haha.  So sometimes I really don’t feel like going to get a manicure and love these DIY manicures instead.  These […]

Beauty Tips