It’s officially the season for makeup and polish with lots of shimmer. Anything, silver, gold or sparkly my go-to for all  upcoming parties. When I have time, I’m obsessed with any kind of nail art too.  I think studs are a really fun add. Aside from keeping yourself fabulous, its […]


Every Holiday season, along with the fun holiday fashion, I love getting to switch up the beauty routine as well.  There are some holiday beauty essentials that you need to have for the party season: – Lipstick: Everyone needs a fabulous red and plum color.  Goes perfect with that little […]

Holiday Beauty

I always like finding new sorts of manicures, and had to have these when I found them at Sephora this weekend.  Its a magnetic nail polish, and was super easy to use.  Basically you just apply it, and then put the cap of the nail polish over your nail (which […]

Beauty Favorite: Magnetic Polish