This weekend I had my surprise Bridal Shower.  I thought I was going out to an event, which turned out to be my own Bridal Shower.  Had such a fabulous time with my friends and family.  I loved the party favors for everyone, the chocolates and the cookies were so […]

Something Blue

On my sisters last visit home we decided that we were going to make a home spa.  She doesn’t like going to actual spas, but she does like cooking, so I figured I could look up some spa “recipes”.  This body scrub and face mask were two favorites that we […]

Home Spa

After a shopping excursion I found this new black sheer skirt.  My problem was.. HOW exactly am I going to wear this.  I definitely think this look could be a disaster if not styled right.  These are some options I found online to make it look fun.

Style This

I admit that cooking is not really a skill of mine.  Once, I even ruined a frozen pizza.  If you are wondering how I managed to do that, the answer is simple- I left the plastic on it accidentally.  But for those of you who may have some kitchen talents, […]

Kitchen Couture