Bad Girls Guide to Fashion


If color is not in your wardrobe, and it consists of mostly black and leather, you have probably reached bad girl style status.  There are some essentials every bad girl needs to have:

1. Dark Side: Everything in your wardrobe is black, Maybe some gray, but any sort of pink would probably be out of the question

2. Lots of hardware: Studs, bangles, and plenty of rings.  Since your clothes are monochromatic, It’s all about the hardware

3. Aviators or Ray-Bans: either are acceptable, but one or the other are necessary at all time. #DONTLOOKATME

4. Smokey Eye: For some people, wearing a smokey eye all the time is acceptable.  Doesn’t need to be nighttime only.

5. Lots of leather: Leather pants, leather jacket, or leather details on a top if you want to keep it a little more subtle.  I personally have an obsession with any sort of leather booties.

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