How to Style It: Crop Tops


On the note of Spring fashion, one item you can bring back into your rotation is your crop top.   Now, they are actually more wearable than you may think.  Here are some tips for wearing a crop top:

1. Wear it with something high waisted.  High waisted jeans or a  high waisted pencil skirt works.

2. Wear it with a maxi skirt.  I especially like this if you are at the beach.  Throw a crop top over your swim wear with a maxi and you are ready for the beach or pool.

3. You only get ONE short item- if you are wearing a crop top, don’t wear a mini skirt or shorts.  You don’t win any points showing more skin.

4.  Layers are key- especially for people who may be too afraid to wear this.  wear a plain white collared shirt underneath.  Or add a blazer to look cute but like you aren’t trying too hard.

5.  MOST IMPORTANT RULE….  The one way you should NEVER wear a crop top is with your stomach showing.   Unless its 2001 again, it just desperate.