Holiday Beauty


Every Holiday season, along with the fun holiday fashion, I love getting to switch up the beauty routine as well.  There are some holiday beauty essentials that you need to have for the party season:

– Lipstick: Everyone needs a fabulous red and plum color.  Goes perfect with that little black dress you are going to be wearing.

– Glitter Nail Polish: The more obnoxious, the better.  Gold glitter or silver glitter are my personal favorites, I wear it all the time.  Doesn’t need to be for a party.  I rock gold glitter to work, and I like to think it makes the work day better.

– Fake Lashes: Over the summer, you can’t get away with this, because it would look absolutely ridiculous on the beach.  However, now is the perfect time for it, its dramatic and fun.  why not?

– Eye Shimmer: Again with the gold or silver shimmer are my favorites, matches with everything and you can’t go wrong there.