Bridal Inspiration

No, I wouldn’t wear any of these dresses as actual wedding dresses, but they are great picks for wedding-related events.  Bachelorette party, bridal shower, I am going to need tons of bridal looking cocktail dresses, and wanted to put some inspiration for other brides-to-be.  With 5 months left till my wedding, I wanted to post the best and worst parts of being engaged.


  1. Wedding Habits are Slightly Less Creepy:  Watching a 5 hour marathon of ‘say yes to the dress’ is something I would do normally- however being engaged makes this a slightly less psychotic.  Also- now my wedding Pinterest board can be for a wedding that will actually happen- rather than a non-existent imaginary one.
  2. Making a Registry:  This is the adult equivalent of making a list for Santa.  After childhood, there are really few occasions where it’s acceptable to make lists of things you want.  If only I could register at Hermes….
  3. Narcissism is Acceptable:  Normally this would be frowned upon, unless you are a bride, then it’s completely standard.  You get to tell people what to wear, and throw tantrums over floral arrangements.
  4. Comedic Value:  Going from college, a land where a male’s idea of romance involves a DMX playlist, to looking for a white dress and picking out silverwear is fairly hilarious.  It’s life’s idea of a joke.
  5. Facebook Pay-Back: You can post a wedding related facebook status every 2 seconds.  “23402340 days till my wedding.. 54544 days till my wedding… wedding dress shopping”.  This is called payback for everyone who likes to post pictures of every thing their child does, OR to people who talk too much about politics or sports.


  1. 50 Questions: The second you get engaged people immediately have 50 questions.  When are you getting married? Where are you getting married? What is your theme? What colors will the bridesmaids wear?  I should have held a press conference for people.
  2.    1-800-WHO CARES: A wedding sounds all fun and awesome and cupcakes and sunshine until you realize you actually have to PLAN it and a million small details.  I spent 2 hours in papyrus picking out FONTS and TYPES OF PAPER.  Really.. .I don’t care.  Details are not my forte.
  3.  Getting Fired: Planning is actually a full time job.  So, you are either going to get fired from your actual job because your boss catches you on wedding websites all day OR you are never going to plan your wedding.  For me, I didn’t plan a wedding.  I’m way behind on pretty much every little thing I was supposed to do already.
  4. No Groom at your Wedding: Really, men don’t care about invitations and color scheme of the bridal party.  There’s a good chance that by the time your wedding comes, you will have annoyed him enough to change his mind.  Your ring will be pawned off for whatever its worth in beer and electronics. 
  5. Haters: There are few things that bring out haters like an upcoming wedding.  Some people find out about an engagement and say “congratulations” ….Others think this is an appropriate time to tell you why they hate you.  Good part is… I’m self absorbed enough not to care.  ….take a number.

Back on my fashion related note, some more of my fav dresses and accessories are below.