Things Men Don’t Understand

Anyone who knows me, or has at least read this blog knows about my love for trends and all things fabulous. Unfortunately, this is not something that translates to the male population. So I want to dedicate this post to the single ladies, or at least my attached-fashionistas. Here is my list of thing men will not understand:

1. Animal things: cheetah print, zebra print, feathers, fur, ect. While this is probably my favorite trend, and I would own a cheetah if they came in teacup-size that I could fit in my purse, the boys are sitting there wondering why there is an animal on your vest. Is it real? Did you have to rob a build-a-bear to get it?
2. Neons: OUCH!!! You’re hurting their eyes and they are confused
3. Sequins: <see number 2>
4. Lip Gloss: Its sticky and glue-ish, and have you ever had a guy compliment you on the lovely shade of coral on your lips??
5. Empire-cuts: what are you hiding? Your outfit is now full of secrets, which again leads to confusion. Save this for your ladies lunch date.
6. Big High Boots: This story of this trend only ends well in Pretty Woman
7. Lace: If its dark it translates to lingerie, it its light it translates to wedding (marriage=commitment=AHHHHHHHH)
8. Florals: translates to gardening, granny, or a couch at grannys house, none of which you want to be associated with
9. Mensware: Keep it in your boyfriends closet, or for work- yawn
10. Lady Gaga-Ware: I see far too many girls walking around like a lady gaga/nicki minaj/katy perry clone in a peplum top and purple hair. Inevitably,Ten feet behind there is a confused guy.

Regardless, you need to decide who you’re dressing for. I’ll take my sequins and cheetah print over that Ralph Lauren polo any day, and everyone else can deal 😉 xoxo