Colored Denim

One of my favorite trends for the fall is color denim. I’m in jeans all the time, so adding some color to it works for me. I think everyone can pull off the look, if you style it right.

For you teenagers- you are lucky, you can wear this trend pretty much however your want. Its a time where you can get away with the super bright colors on your jeans. Hot pink or a bright purple are two of my favs. Pair it with a different bright colored top as well.

If your not such a teenager, colored denim still works, I just wouldn’t wear such a bright shade. I like a blue or a darker purple shade. Pair it with a more simple top, keep to nuetral colors (white or black always work). Add a blazer or leather jacket to make it look more grown up as well.

Are you a fan of the colored denim trend?