Fashionista’s Guide to Party Hosting

With Labor day weekend coming up this weekend, I’m sure everyone will be busy attending or hosting a party. Last weekend of the summer, so you have to enjoy it. Incase you are having your own party I wanted to post my own list of a fashionista’s guide to throwing your own party.

1. First and MOST IMPORTANT is a fabulous outfit. It’s your party and you should look great. A fun cocktail dress, pumps, and chandelier earrings always work in my book. If you don’t know what to wear, pick a black one- always stylish.
2. Good Drinks and Food (…and lots of it) – my party pet peeve is going to a party where all they have is beer and some chips thrown in a corner somewhere. My drink of choice is a cosmo, so I like to have those for my guests always. Cooking is not really a skill of mine, but look recipes up online and figure it out (or just buy it- don’t judge). Having lots extra is always important for all those people who said they weren’t coming, or people who decide to bring friends at the last minute.
3. Fun Playlist- Having a playlist ahead of time is important so you aren’t sitting in silence, or spending your whole night adding songs instead of having fun. Also- I highly recommend keeping the iPod somewhere where people can’t get to it- there’s always that one guest who is convinced they are a professional DJ and tries to take over.
4. A good guest list- Maybe it sounds silly, but it’s completely true. We have all been to parties that are ruined by that one person who has a complete lack of self control. There’s a fine line between a good time and a mess. If you have this sort of friend, leave them off the list- let them attend another party that isn’t yours- problem solved =)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and lots of fun parties!