Top Fall Five


One thing I love about the season change is being able to bring out new clothes.  I wanted to post the top 5 things im excited to bring back this fall.

1. Boots- i live in boots, i would sleep in them if I could.  So I really did miss them all summer and want to bring them back once I can.

2. Dark Nail polish colors- you can’t wear them in the summer because I firmly believe that you will then make it cold outside- HOWEVER, after labor day i say its acceptable.  My favorite is OPI eifel for this color, or Lincoln Park after Dark.

3. Anything leather- pants, jackets, skirts, whatever- it needs to be brought back immediately, I love it.

4. Fall Purfumes- in the summer I keep to fruity scents, then for fall I change them.  Something about smelling like a beach while your trick or treating just doesnt seem right.  One of my favorites its angel- plus how can I not love the star bottle.

5. Jackets- (especially if they are animal print.. just saying) When its for fashion and not necessity is even better.  Then you can look cute withouth being painfully cold.

So what are you all looking to bring back now?