Back to School

Now that school is starting soon, I am posting my top 5 fashionista back to school tips, straight from my notebook.
1. Don’t wear pajamas to class. This was really my number one pet peeve in college. I understand comfort, pajamas are another story. Keep them to your bed only. And no- pairing them with a designer bag does not make them fancy either.

2. Jeans or jeggings are my solution to problem number one. Its your new uniform for class. Jeans, cute top, end of story. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can keep it simple like this.

3. On the side of going too far for class, dont show up in high heels and bandage dress either. It’s just too much. Save it for the weekend.

4. Past 5th grade, there is really no need for a backpack. I know there are some hipsters who believe they are making a comeback, but still- no. A tote bag, or messenger bag is a better idea, it can be stylish without looking like you are going to your first day of kindergarten.

5. As the final part of your “uniform” I would invest in lots of fun flats and boots. The types that match with everything and you can throw on with those jeans.