Shopping Fashionably Late

One thing I do not keep a secret is my love for designer fashions.  Clearly my Yorkie is named Dolce for a reason, and we all remember my Christmas wish list right?  However, my designer obsession is also unfortunately an expensive habit.   While I do plan on winning the lottery, and/or marrying an A-list celeb to fund this habit- getting the label at a lower price would be great until then.  A new website I have become a fan of shopfashionablylate has designer handbags, shoes, and accessories for less.  Luckily, this is not a “Netflicks for Fashion” site, because why would I want to give BACK a Chanel bag?  Also, you can sell your designer fashions if you are over them, like you’re over your ex-boyfriend.  Hey, you have invested a lot in it, so why not get something back? (Unfortunately the same can’t be done with your ex-boyfriend).  I’ve posted some of my favorite picks from the website, and think you should all check it out! Or “like it” if your a fan.