Summer Beauty 2

I think the Summer is time to keep your beauty routine simple. Save all that makeup for the fall. But I do have a few beauty items that I like for the summer. Nail polish thats bright is essential, mani pedis are fun anyways so why not. Bronzer- incase you have been spending more time at your laptop instead of the beach. Unless your a teacher, who gets summers off anyways? Lipstick, also BRIGHT, coral or pink I’m really a fan of. As for summer fragrances, my two favorites are dolce and gabana light blue, and Vera Wang princess.

2 thoughts on “Summer Beauty

  • Meredith

    OMG, I love Essie’s new Brazilian collection. So cute! Also, I recently did a Tiffany Blue on my fingernails and got a lot of compliments!

  • Tara Post author

    Agreed with the tiffany blue- love it on a lot of things, ESPECIALLY nail color

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