Summer Donts 5

Not every trend works all year, and I’ve been thinking about some summer Donts.  A few days ago I asked my Facebook friends what they did not want to see this summer, and thought of some myself too.  Here is what we have concluded:


  1. Boots- I love boots…in the fall and winter.  However, in the summer its really unnecessary.  Seeing girls in Uggs on the beach in 90 degree weather is very confusing
  2. Overdone looks- Too much makeup, or overdone hair doesn’t make much sense at this time.  Keep it easy and light.  Try to work with your natural hair, and keep makeup light and natural colors.  I love a beige shimmer
  3. TMI- if your shorts are roughly the same size as your underwear, you probably should have bigger shorts.  We don’t need to see it all, too much information!
  4. Plaid shorts- Ralph Lauren calls it preppy, I call it ridiculous.  Personally I’m not big on this “country club” look.
  5. Makeup for the Pool/Beach- We all want to look nice at a beach or pool party, but dark makeup + water = raccoon eyes.  Waterproof is an option, but I find it does not work well for the most part

Any others that I missed here?

5 thoughts on “Summer Donts

  • Meredith

    I keep seeing pantsuits. Can I start picking these people off with a sniper rifle? I think we’d all be better off here.

  • Jules

    I agree. The pantsuits are ridiculous. And this perhaps may just be me, but I’m totally not into the floral 90s prints coming back this year. I just flash back to floral culottes, leggings and huge button down shirts, and those damn jelly sandals and it kills me. Where’s the originality for something crazy and new??

  • Tara Post author

    not really too big on floral either- maybe in small doses. If your gonna bring something back, I like it to have a new twist to it

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