Graduation Fab

The painful thing about graduation (aside from having to listen to a horrendous public speaker) is that your dress is covered up with a ridiculous black gown and cap messing up your hairstyle.  I thought dressing in a ridiculous costume was reserved for halloween, but apparently not.  However there is most likely going to be a party after, so you want to look fabulous.  Here are some tips:

1. COLOR- its during the day, wear something bright and fun.  I wouldn’t wear black

2. ITS NOT A CLUB- Save the Herve bandage dress for another day, there are always a few girls who dress like they are ready to go clubbing and I just think it looks silly

3. KEEP IT CHARLOTTE- I envision graduation to be a “Charlotte York” occasion.  Keep it classy and ladylike: Pearls, pumps, and a kate spade bag.

Congrats on Graduation Lisa, and I have some links and more picks below.