Fondue, Tattoos and Strikes

A bit delayed but I had to post some updates from this weekend. I had two of my Drew University favorites come to visit me, so we had to celebrate our little reunion.

First off, we did a Melting Pot run, I really LOVE melting pot. Mostly because anything that involves chocolate is a good idea. And of course- if its fruit dipped in chocolate it is essentially a healthy snack in my book.

Lucky Strike was another stop. What I find amusing about lucky strike is that the girls have a very serious dress code. (the dress code being, hot topic ho, dressed in all black, no skirts longer than roughly 10 inches). However, the men have ZERO dress code. I thought the guy at front was a jerk trying to be funny when he asked for ID because he was dressed like any other random that I would find walking around. Also, pretentiousness is not a trait exclusive to NYC because they treat their wait list like its Soho house. Its a serious matter, haha.

A few drinks later, Julia was ready for a tattoo. Unfortunately the artist was gone at that point (umm.. who leaves work at 1:30am on a saturday? early night?) So we went the next morning instead, which I was surprised about because I figured by the morning she would have some excuse about having to go home to shampoo her hair and walk her cat. But obviously I had to go for emotional support, and to dance to the music playing at the store- clearly. The tatt was a super sweet star, and how can you not love anything barbie pink?!?!

Maybe on the next reunion ILL finally get a tatt.. hmmmm. Clearly i’m the late one here because I haven’t yet. Thoughts???