Prom Night

With Spring coming up, so is Prom Season. Now while my prom days have long past- this Post is dedicated to you high schoolers. Mostly because I realize you guys have it rough:
A. Your Parents Control your life
B. You have uncontrollable acne
C. You wake up at 7am to do pointless things in school like Dodgeball, Trigonometry, and carry around a bag of flour as if it were a baby for your life skills class in attempts to deter you from taking it 3rd to home base. (really, this just made me very angry at baking, flour is heavy)

While the actual prom is a Marriott Buzzkill, everyone just wants to go to the Jersey Shore after. Remember that time I went to The Ocean Club in the Bahamas where people spray you with Evian and serve you sorbet at 2pm daily on the beach… yea.. this is the OPPOSITE of that. Jersey Shore hotels are really the worst you will ever stay at- but hey, its for the young to survive.

Also, you learn at prom time that older siblings, who you most likely hate year-round, are the high school equivalent to a lottery ticket. Only if they are over 21 clearly though. However, I am the oldest child, so I was pretty useless. Mikes Hard Lemonade and smirnoff does not grow on trees people!!

Now, most important part- THE DRESS. Far too many tacky mall stores, so I posted some fun dresses for inspiration.  Enjoy!

Ohh Geeze, Me at Prom..Embarrassing, haha