Fashion DONTS

Sometimes when it is gross and rainy outside- I need to find ways to entertain myself.  Today- I decided I’d take some pictures of fashion DONTS that I spotted.  Don’t worry- I covered their faces to protect them from their own embarrassment.

First, I usually refrain from discussion men’s fashion (it bores physics..or CNN).  If I’m going to discuss the male population, i’ll discuss their inability to retain information, or their inability to remain monogamous.  However- I really must say I don’t get the big sweatpants, jersey, and yankee cap look.  NOTE: YOUR HAT IS NOT EVEN ON YOUR HEAD COMPLETELY.  However, the fact that these boys both have the SAME look, means they are BFFs for ever and ever and ever.

I found this look on the intersection of WHY and TOO MUCH.  Too SHort, Too Pink, and HEY- the spongebob scarf, not really necessary.

UGHH- too much print, too much neon.  I love Print, and Im sure my sister Kat could pull over this print in doses, however, this is ill-fitting and ridiculous, somewhat like pajamas.

Now, i’ve previously discussed my DISDAIN for Victorias secret Pink line.  No boy wants to see a lady in some undies with a neon green labrador on them.  However, hanging out AT the pink store, DECKED OUT in pink, takes it to a new level.  As you can see, these girls are not buying anything, just texting over some merchandise.

Ladies- I understand every day can’t be a tremendous fashion statement.  However, DO NOT go out in sweatpants.  Sweatpants are for the gym, or sleeping.  If you bump into your ex-boyfriend, do you really want him to see you like that? No, you want him to see looking FABULOUS.  If you want to be casual, just throw on some jeans and a tee, that is casual fab.

… thats all the fashion police-ing I did today.  If you have any hilarious looks, feel free to email me, I would love it.