Style Spotlight

Usually I am far too narcissistic to be giving the spotlight to anyone other than myself, but my sister Kat has such a fun style I had to dedicate a post to her.  While not a look that everyone could pull off, Kat always works it.  Here are some style essentials if you dare to steal her look.

1. Wayfarers- if they are in a color, even better

2. Lace- a skirt, a top, whatever, doesn’t matter

3. Plaid- I never knew there were so many different variations of plaid until I saw Kats closet

4. Headband- non-negotiable accessory

5. Splatter Jeans- No, there was not an unfortunate incident with bleach, this is how they are, and they are awesome

6. Band Tee- I dont have any pictures of her rocking a band tee on the site, but take my word for it, it’s another essential in her book