The snow lately has been pretty miserable.  I have zero interest in skiing or snowboarding, so I’m basically counting down the days till my island vacation.  However, when you do decide that you are brave enough to leave your house, there are some necessary fashion essentials.  (Note: none of them involve Uggs).

1. A cute jacket- this is a splurge item you should be very serious about.  Personally I like jackets with faux fur detailing.  CAPE jacket is also adorable, and you need one for sure.

2. Sweet Accessories- leather gloves, if they have buckles or studs that is even better.  Also, earmuffs!

3. Boots that are not uggs- end of story

4. Burberry Scarf- If you don’t already have one (a real one), get one.  Even the outlets have them if you want to get it cheaper.

I have some winter picks I like below.