How to Style it

Now the over-the-knee black leather boot is one of my loves in life, right next to a strong cosmo and expensive cars. However, I must say this is one trend girls mess up so often, and take it to the “pretty woman” level. While we all want our prince charming to show up in a limo and climb up the fire escape to save us (because doors are clearly overrated), in real life it doesn’t play out that way so doing this trend RIGHT is key. I have three potential looks below.

1. Casual- Wear them with skinny jeans or jeggings (denim leggings) and a cute top. Keep the top simple, but feel free to accessorize.
2. Another Casual Option- Leggings and a sweater dress. Especially in the winter this is a great option, you will be warm AND styling.
3. Going Out- Pair the boots with dark Tights with a dress. Remember, the dress doesn’t need to be showing much, and I personally wouldn’t do a print dress. Keeping it to one color is a good idea, the boots are your statement piece.