9 to 5

Lets be honest- work wear is a bore in general.  Why one needs to walk around dressed like a man in order to keep employed is beyond me- but hey, I don’t make the rules, I just try to help keep it fashionable while following them.  Making a fashionable and quick transition to after work fun, like happy hour or a date may be tricky, but not impossible 🙂

Before 5pm- layers are your friend.  Blazers and Cardigans on top of something more feminine keep your work look more interesting, and then after work you can just take off that extra layer.  I personally like things with ruffles, or something silky.  Even some sort of a printed shirt could work.

If you can get away with it, a blazer or cardigan on top of a dress can also make your after work transition quick.   It makes it look more work appropriate if the dress is structured.  Add some leggings to the look potentially, especially in these cold months.

Accessories are another secret to after work fabulousness.  Maybe that big necklace or big pair of earrings would look silly in the office, but why not throw them in your purse for later?  Simple- and totally changes your look.

Finally, PUMPS PLEASE.  Maybe this is my personal opinion, but if I see another New York girl walking around in Tory Burch flats I’m going to ruin them with a sharpie marker and let her know I’m doing her a favor.  Not that they look terrible, they are just BORING and every girl already has them.  Pumps are classic, stylish, and will transition well after 5pm.