Holiday Essentials

With Thanksgiving already next week, the holiday season has officially begun.  Holiday style is really one of my favorites, and these are some of my holiday essentials:

1.  Festive Nail Polish- Red or glittery.  I’m in love with these OPI burlesque colors, so pretty

2. Cocktail rings- something with big rhinestones is essential

3. Cute Clutch- Red, silver, or gold preferably.  It just looks put together when your wearing a dress ready to go out to a party.

4. Chandelier Earrings- the bigger, the better.  I was never a big believe in the “less is more” theory

5. Gold tone eyeshadow- mostly because it will match with whatever your are wearing

6. Red lipstick- unless you are gwen stefani, this isn’t really a trend that you can get away with throughout the year.  So bringing it out for the holidays is a good idea

7. A fabulous cocktail dress- Save the boring dresses for any other time, keep it fun for now