Monthly Archives: November 2010

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving.  This thanksgiving we finally got to debut our new kitchen!  And after months and months of construction I’m thankful to be back home in Jersey.  New York City and I are taking a long break from eachother, haha.  While I can’t cook, my […]


Lets be honest- work wear is a bore in general.  Why one needs to walk around dressed like a man in order to keep employed is beyond me- but hey, I don’t make the rules, I just try to help keep it fashionable while following them.  Making a fashionable and […]

9 to 5

With Thanksgiving already next week, the holiday season has officially begun.  Holiday style is really one of my favorites, and these are some of my holiday essentials: 1.  Festive Nail Polish- Red or glittery.  I’m in love with these OPI burlesque colors, so pretty 2. Cocktail rings- something with big […]

Holiday Essentials

These are from my weekend getaway to the lovely Miami.  Not quite beach weather these days, but still had a lovely time.  My fashion find: SPICE GIRL PLATFORMS, haha.  How fabulous are those shoes?  Didn’t actually buy them, but back in the day I would have for sure. Share|