Halloween Fashion 1

I was probably one of the few people who did not like Halloween as a kid.  Something about walking around in the cold trying to get fun-sized candy did not appeal to me.  I was not remotely amused.  However, in college it totally became my favorite holiday.  Drinks and dress up are more my style than walking around in the cold for a Twix bar.  It’s the only day to dress up in whatever you want, and its perfectly acceptable.  Of course, there’s always the girl who takes the privledge one step too far, but I won’t go into that now.  (Just saying- you know who you are, and rhinestone pasties are not a costume, save those for home, thank you).

Here’s looking back at some of my Halloween favorite outfits I’ve worn.  What is everyone going as this year?

I think it may be fun to go Masquerade style in a dress like this.  So Fun.

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