Beauty Tips 4

I’ll be honest, I really don’t have a lot of patience.  Anything that is going to take up more time than an episode of The Hills is really beyond me, haha.  So sometimes I really don’t feel like going to get a manicure and love these DIY manicures instead.  These are super simple and the prints are so fun.

Here are three of my favorite manicure options:

1. Incoco:  This is what i’m wearing on the bottom 2 pictures.  Not a lot of print options, the GLITTER ones are my favorite.  And they last a really long time.

2. Minx Nails:  These are what i’m wearing in the top pictures.  The prints are my favorites.  You can also get even more on ebay even though its technically supposed to be a “professional” product.

3. Dashing Diva:   Don’t have any pictures of these, but they used to be at a mall by me.  It disappeared eventually from there, so I thought it went away in general.  Recently I was pretty amped to find it again on the Upper West Side- Win!

4 thoughts on “Beauty Tips

  • Meredith

    I *HEART* Minx Nails! At my salon, you can get more colors and patterns. Unfortunately, Sephora is a little limited in their selection.

  • Tara Post author

    I agree! thats why i go the ebay route to buy more MINX. I dont know where else they do that around me

  • Tara Post author

    Dashing Diva has good ones- they don’t look cheap and have tons of selection! You can get them at the NYC store locations- or they sell them online too. I’ve been to the one on the upper west side

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