Start off to Summer

Getting back to reality today was kind of harsh after a lovely three-day weekend.  Friday night I did what every girl on the face of the universe was doing- seeing Sex and the City with my friends.  I saw it in the city, where people of course took it very seriously.  No joke- cocktail dresses and big diamond necklaces… well…most likely Cubic Zirconia’s, but whatever, “A” for effort.

I won’t give any spoilers but I did think the movie was very cute, I wasn’t a hater.  At least less of a downer than the first one, which is good because if I wanted to watch something depressing I’d put on CNN.  So many outfits in the movie that I want too!

On my style note for the day- I rocked Lipsy London tops this weekend which I loved.  First of all, they were sheer which I love for the spring and summer.  Second, they were both crop tops, which are also making a comeback.  Not a look that everyone can pull off, but hey- if you can, I say rock them.

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