Fashionista’s Guide to Travel

I’m not going to lie, I think packing for vacation is a pretty daunting task.  I mean, with all the clothes in my closet, how the heck am I supposed to narrow it down small enough to fit in a SUITCASE.  Not JUST a suitcase, but a carry-on size, because there are few things I hate more than baggage claim.  The last thing I want to do when I’m anxious to be on a beach is wait two hours for my suitcases.

One thing that helps me is my clothing rack.  I take this out solely for vacation purposes.  It’s just easier to see everything you want to bring, and group your outfits together.  Bathing suits and dresses for dinner are all i’m bringing.  Honestly, who bothers with daytime clothes when your busy sunning.

Accessories are also important to pick out too, along with the clothes.  Lots of sunglasses are key.  Also, Headbands in case my hair gets out of line.  Last but not least- lots of colorful items.  Turquoise is a current favorite of mine.

As you can see here, every fashionista needs a Pink Passport.  Everyone else has a blue one, and I personally have never been one to do what everyone else does.  I got this one at Victorias Secret.  A Flip Video is necessary too, to capture your fun and fabulous outfits. And of course, can’t forget the Pink iTouch to watch my favorite movies on the plane.  Somehow since 1995 Clueless has still not gotten old, haha.

On another note, a very serious vacation question, please vote, haha 🙂 free polls
What should my first Island Drink be upon arrival?
Pina Colada Mojito Stawberry Daiquiri Sea breeze Margarita

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