Normally I like talking about all my fashion favorites, but today I feel the need to discuss some fashion DONTS:

  1. JUMPSUITS- there are very few people who can actually pull these off- so as a general rule I would say don’t do it
  2. SEQUIN CRAZY- I’m a fan of some fab sequins, but sometimes it’s just too much.  Also- it’s a seasonal trend, I wouldn’t try it after the holidays.
  3. ED HARDY- seems common sense- but for some reason I see tons of people who don’t realize that this hasn’t been cool since 2006.
  4. GRAPHIC TEES-  Congratulations, you got people to look at you for 5 seconds while they read your shirt.  It probably isn’t at witty as you think either
  5. UGGS w/ MINISKIRTS- Uggs on their own are horrendous enough, add a miniskirt and I want to cry.  Another look that doesn’t not seem to go away.
  6. VICTORIAS SECRET PINK- I don’t know, the neon colors, the Labrador puppies.  Don’t get me wrong- puppies are adorable, I just don’t think anyone wants to see a neon green dog on your underwear.
  7. TRACKSUITS- Tracksuits used to be the cool thing to throw on when you just want to be comfortable.  Now leggings have replaced this.  Leggings and a long shirt are also comfy and look way better too.
  8. TOO MUCH TANNER- too many orange people walking around… just saying

So what have I missed?  What are some “DONTS” in your book?

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