Vacay 3

The Main item on my agenda is an upcoming trip to the Bahamas with my college friends. I think it’s something along the lines of a delayed Spring Break that we never had in college. However it is completely more necessary now that we are all working, busy all the time, and not living near each other. A far cry from thinking the “other side of campus” was far. Last year we partied in Las Vegas, this year an island trip won.

My main concern now is what exactly am I going to wear?

As with any beach vacation, swimwear is first priority. One Pieces with Cut outs are a personal favorite of mine. Along with bikinis that have any sort of embellishments, rhinestones, ruffles, the whole deal- I love it.

Aside from that I say keeping things bright is key. Mostly because it’s one of the few times you can get away with it without looking ridiculous.

I’m starting my countdown already- but until then I’ll be shopping ☺

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