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I put together this set of dresses with graduation in mind.  Different than the wedding set, I think you can go a little more casual for graduation.  Whether it’s your graduation, or you’re going to one -these are adorable.

I have to attend my sister’s graduation in a few weeks from Boston College.  As if a four hour road trip with my family isn’t painful enough, How about a graduation ceremony that supposedly is going from 9am to 2pm!?  That seems like an awfully long time to sit down so they can ultimately give her a fake diploma (real one is mailed).  Having to hear speeches from the valedictorian and “professional speaker” AKA most likely someone from MTV’s Real World does not sound like a good use of my PTO.

Let’s be honest.  College in general is a joke.  The concept was probably invented by parents who could not deal with handling their sassy mouthed teenage children at home.  It’s basically expensive day care for grown ups.  Too immature to be trusted in the workforce- so how about stay in limbo for four years until you grow up a bit.

A few months after you graduate you are getting calls about what your doing.  Oh hey- Have you moved recently? Been employed by a fortune 500 company? Gotten married? Had any children yet?  If anyone has accomplished all four of those in four months- please email me.  It took me half a year to unpack my bags

My favorite part is when they start asking for money- as if 160,000 dollars in tuition is not enough.  Whoever does budgets clearly needs to work on some addition and subtraction.  In my opinion- if you are going to give money to something, it should be to cure a disease or help sick animals.  Funding colleges is not a charity- so unless they are sending hurt yorkie puppies to college, I am keeping my checkbook in my Louis Vuitton wallet.  In all honesty I think college you pay YOU back at the end- like a tax return.

Another Joke (but true story) was their latest money making endeavor – trying to sell a book that has all alumni contact information in it, for two installments of 50 dollars (or 100 total if you are capable of math) in case I have “lost touch” with anyone from my class.  You know where else I can get information of people I have graduated? FACEBOOK- and its free.  I feel like they were trying to sell me a VHS tape, Do you know what year it is?

In the end, if really HAVE to attend a graduation next month- might as well look fabulous while you’re there.  And make sure you have something with a working internet connection in your purse.

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