Poker Face 2

Gambling is not something I’m a big fan of- if I’m going to throw away my money- there better be a pair of Louboutins out of the deal.    But fashion risk taking is 100% necessary in my book.  I immediately had to have these tie-dyed pants when I saw them.  Rockstar status for sure.

A certain someone told me recently that I should “dress more like my sister Christina”.  I found this funny because Christina’s closet is the same outfit in 7 different colors.  I describe it as “the Gap”.. there’s nothing wrong with it – it’s just umm.. consistent.  On another note her definition of dressing up is taking the time to put on a bra, haha.

At least I do not have to worry about her taking my clothes- because she wouldn’t be caught dead in anything I own.  My other sister Kat, a fashionista in her own right- is a different story- I could probably use a lock and chain to prevent my clothes from disappearing.  (If anyone knows where I can buy one please let me know).

If the men aren’t double taking as you walk by- and the girls aren’t stopping to ask you what your wearing- then you probably should have taken a few more minutes to figure the look out.  However there’s also a fine line between fashion forward and ridiculous.  Wearing crocks or a “Dress” that is actually a shirt- not cute.

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