Wedding Crasher 3

Aside from being allergy season- spring / summer also qualifies as wedding season. Therefore I needed to post some dresses that I think would be adorable for a wedding. I had one of my friends in mind who is a habitual wedding-attendee. If weddings were an Olympic sport- she would have a gold medal.

I donโ€™t currently have any on my calendar for this summer- mostly because my friends like to live in sin instead. Why get married when he can just pay half your rent on the Upper East Side? A bunch of the others have Peter Pan syndrome and go to bars like itโ€™s their 21st birthday daily.

For the record- I had to go to one last summer for friends of my boyfriend in Geneva, NY (roughly 5.5 hours away from the center of the universe in case you are wondering). Before the reception- the group stops at a hotel for an hour to pregame. Why there was a need to pregame before attending an OPEN BAR is beyond me. But I guess telling a group of 30 year olds college was over roughly a decade ago is like telling a kid there is no Santa.

In any case- I am in full support of an event in which you can a new dress for- and think any of these are necessary ๐Ÿ™‚

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