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HELP! What do I wear for New Years Eve? 1. BCBG ballerina- Umm Hello black swan- this dress is adorable 2. Black and Gold Sweetheart Tube Dress- Gold always goes for NYE 3.  Multi-Color, one sleeve 4.  Little Black Dress- I always have an obsession with little black dresses, boring, […]

What to Wear?

Now the over-the-knee black leather boot is one of my loves in life, right next to a strong cosmo and expensive cars. However, I must say this is one trend girls mess up so often, and take it to the “pretty woman” level. While we all want our prince charming […]

How to Style it

With the impending blizzard- i’m not at dressed up today.  But this is my look from a few days ago.  Fell in love with this jacket because of the chain detailing, so much better than a regular boring cardigan.  Chain detailing is great in clothes and accessories. Here are some […]

Look for the Day

In my dream world, Christmas plays out a little something like this.  Here are all the fashionista essentials on my wish list 1. Chanel Bag- necessary item, classic 2. Alice and Olivia wardrobe- Everything of theirs is girly and fabulous and I need basically a whole wardrobe of Alice and […]

Wish List

One conclusion you can draw from this is that I should not be trusted with a scanner.  Old pictures, especially Christmas ones give me a laugh so I had to share.  Clearly I was also a fashionable child, haha. Share

Christmas Past

I had to take some Christmas pictures of my puppies.  Dolce loves taking pictures and looked at the camera and rocked her pink bow.  Parker on the other hand just wanted to jump around.  Regardless, they both looked adorable. Share

Holiday Fun

Cocktail Dresses by Herve Leger Pumps by Steve Madden New Years Eve fashion is very important.  Next to who gets to make out with you at 12am, what your wearing is probably the most important part of the night.  Starting off the new year in a bad outfit is like […]

New Years Eve

This weekend my college girls and I decided to get away to Atlantic City. Actually my first trip to Atlantic City ever.  I miss them dearly so reunions are always called for.  We stayed at Harrahs and everyone seemed to think we were a bachelorette party, haha.  Julia’s tiara perhaps? […]

Atlantic City

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving.  This thanksgiving we finally got to debut our new kitchen!  And after months and months of construction I’m thankful to be back home in Jersey.  New York City and I are taking a long break from eachother, haha.  While I can’t cook, my […]


Lets be honest- work wear is a bore in general.  Why one needs to walk around dressed like a man in order to keep employed is beyond me- but hey, I don’t make the rules, I just try to help keep it fashionable while following them.  Making a fashionable and […]

9 to 5

With Thanksgiving already next week, the holiday season has officially begun.  Holiday style is really one of my favorites, and these are some of my holiday essentials: 1.  Festive Nail Polish- Red or glittery.  I’m in love with these OPI burlesque colors, so pretty 2. Cocktail rings- something with big […]

Holiday Essentials